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When assessing the need for new windows or doors, there are some telltale signs. Drafts, condensation or frost buildup, hot windows in the summer, and cold windows during the winter are some of those signs. Benchmark can inspect your windows and design a solution that fits your needs. The installation of new windows or doors can contribute to the overall reduction in the heating and cooling costs of your home. The majority of heat loss in your home is out of the windows and doors.

In addition to the savings in heating and cooling costs, installation of Energy Star compliant windows may entitle you to a federal tax credit. Information about currently available tax credits can be found on the Department of Energy’s Energy Star website.

Window and door replacement has the added effect of enhancing the beauty and curb appeal of your home. Perhaps you are simply looking to increase the amount of ambient lighting in your home increase curb appeal. These days with the availability of so many styles, colors, and finishes to choose from for windows and doors, we can easily achieve the goals you set for us. Whether wood or vinyl, composite, double hung, casement, picture, bay or bow, there is much from which to choose.

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What Your Neighbors Have to Say

Harlingen Church:

We so much appreciate your patience as we developed a strategy using a mix of modern siding materials,
but at the same time agreeing to restore certain existing architectural cornice pieces to blend a perfect mix
of the old and new.