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Vinyl Siding Hillsborough NJ

Benchmark Siding Co is a premier supplier of Vinyl Siding Hillsborough NJ. Benchmark Siding also offers replacement windows, roofing, PVC trim and more in Hillsborough, NJ located in Somerset County. Visit our Service Areas page for a full listing of the cities that we service in New Jersey.

Vinyl Siding Hillsborough NJ

Vinyl Siding Hillsborough NJWe offer a full line of vinyl siding options from manufacturers such as CertainTeed, James Hardie, Apex Millwork and more! The old slogan, “vinyl is final”, applies even more today than yesterday. With technological advancements, the vinyl siding of today is superior to the old with more color and style options to choose from allowing you to create the look and feel that you desire in an affordable way. The current chemical mixes create a softer-looking and softer-feeling vinyl with more texture and style options than ever before.

Vinyl Siding Hillsborough NJ

Replacing your Vinyl Siding Hillsborough New Jersey is an investment in the value of your home. A home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make and vinyl siding provides the needed durability and protection against the damaging elements.

For those who want hassle-free maintenance, vinyl siding is the way to go. Unlike wood or aluminum siding which require sanding, resealing, and painting as normal maintenance procedures, by comparison, vinyl siding is easy to maintain. It does not require sanding, resealing, and painting and it resists fading from the elements. A regular power washing is all that is needed to keep it looking clean and new.

Vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors, textures and grains. Vinyl trim options include PVC coated aluminum, cellular PVC, and restoration mill-work. The combinations are many, giving homeowners the freedom to create a customized look for the exterior of their home. On many homes, we have used mill-work molding to recreate an historical look.

David Carman, owner of Benchmark Siding Co., has over 25 years of experience installing vinyl siding, windows, roofing and trim. David and his team can offer shop at home services in the comfort of your Somerset County home for vinyl siding, windows, PVC trim, roofing and more. Our experienced team will work quickly and efficiently to complete your home project.