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Cellular PVC Trim

window-2Cellular PVC trim, mill-work, and architectural trim products offer homeowners and property owners alike an endless variety of options in designing a unique or traditional quality to the exterior of their home or building.

Cellular PVC trim is typically used as a replacement for traditional wood trim in applications such as molding, window trim, door trim, door headers, and window headers. It can be molded, cut, and shaped to achieve a desired architectual appearance. It has a smooth finish and is white throughout, however it can be molded to have texture.


IMG_0142 (1)The versatility of cellular PVC trim allows the homeowner the freedom to re-create a traditional old-style look to their home, or to design a unique style of architecture and evertything in between in order to meet the needs of their own tastes.

Cellular PVC trim mill-work is a versatile product and it is a great compliment to vinyl siding.




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What Your Neighbors Have to Say

Harlingen Church:

We so much appreciate your patience as we developed a strategy using a mix of modern siding materials,
but at the same time agreeing to restore certain existing architectural cornice pieces to blend a perfect mix
of the old and new.